Stephanie Soto

APCC #8090

It can be challenging and perhaps intimidating to ask for what you need when feelings of guilt and shame consume your thoughts and emotions and influence your behaviors. This can result in feelings of frustration, unable to trust self and others, avoiding uncomfortable situations/emotions, and feeling at a loss. Sometimes you may feel like the people and places you have counted on have wronged you and led you to believe that who you are is not what is expected of you, and you may feel like your voice has been stripped away. Which may result in you hiding your ability to express yourself and form/maintain relationships with others.

I believe the therapeutic relationship should be honored on the foundation of respect, mutual collaboration, & mutual trust. I think in a therapeutic environment that is biological, social, cultural, psychological, & spiritual. I bring my experiences as a first-generation Mexican-American, queer woman, daughter, sister, & human self into practice. With your permission, together, we can work on the impacts of how your intersectionalities and lived experiences help create meaning, connection, and intentionality in your life.

I am an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor and conduct psychotherapy services under the supervision and license of Anthony Simone, LMFT CA #107304. Hablo Español.

Supervised by Brittany Connor, LCSW #88081

Stephanie Soto


  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Co-Parenting

  • Trauma

  • PTSD
  • Dual Diagnosis