Lara (Jeannie) Jackson

MS, LPCC #4366

Am I looking to make meaningful changes in your life or make sense of difficult past experiences? I work to help my clients acquire the tools needed to realize their potential and live more satisfying lives. My specialty areas include anxiety, trauma, and survivors of narcissistic abuse. I primarily use cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches to therapy but draw from a range of techniques to meet the needs and strengths of each client.

Sessions typically involve helping clients gain insight into thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, explore alternative ways of viewing situations, and modify unhelpful behavior.

Deciding to begin making changes is hard. I am here to support and guide you towards reaching your goals. Please feel free to call/email me so we can discuss how I can best support you.

(Supervised by Brenda Stephens, LPCC #4366)

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  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  • Relationship Issues

  • Child and Adolescent